We are Beking
We have been dedicated ourselves to solid wood furniture for 30 years
There are 70 years away from our goal of becoming a century-old company

Craftsmanship for a Better Life

We strive to offer one-stop solid wood solutions for
quality life-oriented Chinese new middle-class families.

Manufacture Inheritable Furnitures

We regard design as our soul and quality as our lifeline.

Our History

Ultimate Craftsmanship

As the successor of Lu Ban, we the Beking people strive for excellence. We treat every product as an artwork; We are meticulous about product quality; We uphold original design, value ultimate eco-friendliness, employ traditional techniques, and conduct manual quality control...
We value product quality as our lifeline! Pursuit for excellence makes a future century-old enterprise stronger!

Chief Designer

Mr. Martin, the German design guru
40-time Red Dot Design Award winner
13-time iF Design Award winner, As Mr. Martin is not only gifted in furniture design, but also characterized by the German dedication to the pursuit of perfection, we believe that he is our best choice to deliver attractive and premium products to Beking customers.

Chief Designer